Yay Summer!!!!!!!!!!!

The forecast looks like summer will finally be upon us this week.  I just hope that they are actually right.

This past weekend definately started out bad with pouring rain on Friday. We had 4 last minute cancellations and 4 sites that just didn’t show up. I only have one thing to say to these people phhhffffffffffffffffffttt – you missed out on a great weekend. It turned out to be a nice weekend in the end and everyone had a great time celebrating halloween in August. We had some fun with the mummy wrap and find the eyeballs. The kids had to find the eyeballs (grapes) in the goop (oatmeal). I seemed to have gotten goopier myself than I have in past years, but all was fun anyways. Some of the little ones had no interest in sticking their hands in the icky gooey mess and others couldn’t wait to get in there. WE even had a couple adults give it a try. The kids were very anxious to start with the bobbing for apples in the pool. They were ready to go as soon as we finished the other games, but they had to wait until we got the goop all cleaned up. I don’t have many apples left in my 40lb box after they got done with them. As always they thought that was pretty fun to try and catch the apple in the pool. Some played by the rules and didn’t use their hands while others had to help a little. Most figured out to push it to the wall so they could grab it. We had about 47  kids out for trick or treating in the evening.  Then everyone had a chance to go back to their campsites and sort through their loot before it was time for the movie. I was actually able to find a funny halloweenish movie. We put on Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy. The reviews I heard were that it was a pretty good movie. With the late Bomber game on TV the rec building was a poplular place to be until close to midnight.

Mummy Wrap

Mummy Wrap


Bobbing for apples

Bobbing for apples



Site decorating

Site decorating

Even the duck was out for trick or treating

Even the duck was out for trick or treating

Scrapyard Paintball had a great opening weekend. They had a group of fifteen booked to start off the day on Saturday morning. The afternoon was filled in with a few other dropping in to give it a try. Sunday morning was another group of 10 or so and Sunday afternoon a few guys from here had to go out for a little fun. Plans are in the works for a Grand Opening on Aug 22nd. I will update with more info as plans get worked out.


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