Weekend wrap … finally

I have almost sat down to write this lots of times in the past day or so, but just haven’t managed to actually get there until now. There always seemed to be something to distract my attention.

The biggest event this weekend had nothing to do with Easter, nothing to do with anything that I had planned actually. It was all beyond my control. Saturday afternoon our second momma duck came swimming into the pond with her 11 babies. They were the talk of the campground for the rest of the weekend.  Baby ducks in general get quite a bit of interest but when there is that many it get double or triple the interest. We really had no idea how many eggs she had because her nest was extremely well hidden. Friday evening I managed to catch her off  the nest so I went to take a peak and found around 5 little duckies and could only see a couple more eggs. Boy was I off track.  It took a few countings to finally confirm on 11. They were not very easy to count when they are swimming madly around the pond and all look the same.

Momma and 11 babies

Momma and 11 babies

The Easter Bunny was out and about early Friday morning as anticipated. Over 13 dozen eggs were hidden around the campground. I don’t keep close enough count to know if they are all back or not, but the box is almost as full as when I started. Although there were a couple turned in yesterday evening that were found during some grass cutting by one of the seasonals. So ya there are probably still some  lurking in the bushes. The egg hunt got a little messed up when some overzealous kids decided not to listen to the 3 egg limit and started gathering whatever they could find. It made it difficult for the other kids since all the ‘easy’ eggs were gone and we couldn’t rehide them until later that night. I put a limit that each kid can only find 3 eggs until Sunday at 10am and then it is a free for all. That is supposed to stop one kid from finding lots and others not finding any. ‘Supposed to’ is the key term.
Our movie on Saturday evening was School of Rock and it went over pretty good. The weather was nice, the bugs weren’t bad and quite a few campers came out to watch the show.
DuckyFest seems to be approaching rather quickly. The last of the posters and donation letters will be going out this week. It is time to do the last scheduling and organizing and gathering of prizes. And I still need to line up some volunteers to help with the games.
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