The weekend that doesn’t end

With the holiday on Wednesday this year things have been fairly busy since last weekend. This whole week has seemed like one extra long weekend.  We had some campers that came in last weekend and are staying until after this weekend and some that came in on Monday for a few days and lots that came in on the 1st to stay until Sunday. Almost everyday we have a shuffling of sites with this weekend being completely full with the exception of a few tenting sites.

The first weekend in July is usually our Easter in July. I realized earlier this week that with all the campers that will still be here on Friday morning the Easter Bunny will have to be out verrrrrry early Friday morning to hide the eggs. Last year she was able to hide them about mid morning before the weekenders arrived, but not so this year. I am thinking it will be somewhere around 5:30 am when the bunny will be out and about . So if the Bunny looks a little tired on Friday evening that is why.  The Saturday schedule is pretty full in addition to the Easter Egg Hunt we will be doing a craft, having an ice cream social and movie night at dark. This week’s movie is going to be School of Rock.

Last night’s fireworks went off without a hitch. We were even able to catch a glimpse of a few of the ones happening in Stonewall. Kind of like a two for one deal. We always do some kiddie fireworks earlier in the evening for the little ones that are in bed at dark. I go through and pick out a few that are easy to see even in the daylight. This year we had a parachute one that sent 10 little parachuters up in the sky. We even managed to find one after it was done. The others seem to have crash landed somewhere in the pond. We wondered how the mosquitos would be as we were watching the fireworks, but so far they aren’t too bad. We didn’t have bug spray on and only had to swat a couple times. So far they have been quite kind to us and hopefully it will stay that way.

This weekend we also have a few guests staying here for a family reunion in Grosse Isle. So far we have one couple from Minnesota and one from Iowa here. I am not sure where the others are from, but should be interesting to wait and see.

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer weather while we have it and hopefully it is here to stay for a while.

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