We have had some interesting people and campers stop in this week. We seem to be getting more and more people from different places lately. The first was an older couple who gave us a Reno, NV address, nothing seemed uncommon. Just a couple out travelling. As we talked to them throughout the weekend we found out that Reno is nothing more than a post office box and their ‘home’ is wherever their camper is parked. So, for 3 nights the duck was home.  For the past 10 years they have spent few weeks in Nevada, 3 months in Southern California in the winter and the rest of the year they go wherever. They have been to 48 states and from here were heading to their last province left to visit. And you know they weren’t even staying in a fancy unit – just a regular travel trailer that didn’t even have a slide out. They were  quite happy to be travelling with no plan. They told me that if they are driving along and see a road that looks interesting they will  take it and see where it leads them. I wonder where they will be a couple weeks from now, or even next year at this time.

So, we go from the couple in the simple travel trailer to the couple in the 37′ fifth wheel with 4 slides and a baby freightliner to pull it with. It was quite the sight to see. They managed to pull her in and get it all set up for their two day stay. They had a little extra wiggling when they were backing up but that was to get the satellite on the roof lined up properly. I never did talk to them to find out their story other than that they were from Michigan. I don’t know where they came from or where they were going, but they were certainly doing it style. They pretty much had a house on wheels. They did have one problem getting the big rig out – they had to stop to move the baby duckies off the road. lol. Only at the duck!

I seem to have jumped ahead a few days now. All of a sudden it is Monday morning . This past weekend should have been called the weekend that wasn’t. There were a few disappointed people after having hot hot weather all week along comes Friday and pouring rain. We were somewhat lucky in that we only got 1.5 inches of rain and I have heard as much as 4 inches in some areas. There are always the die hards that make the best of it and enjoy the pool no matter what the weather. But, there were quite a few people that hid in their campers all day Saturday as well. Sunday started out looking nice and sunny but then the wind started up and it all changed. Oh well at least it didn’t rain anymore and the wind certainly helped to dry things up quickly. This morning had a bit of an interesting start with the power out from shortly after 7am until 9am. It made it difficult to put out the continental breakfast especially when my cinnamon buns were in the oven trying to cook.  It was basically just cereal, juice and yogurt for the first little while.

This past week we added Karoake to the schedule for DuckyFest with Matchmaker Music and Karaoke donating their time to help us out. Everyone should start practicing their idol voices to show us their stuff on the 18th.

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