Catching up

This past weekend was pretty busy around here and we are now just finishing getting caught up on things. I had some impromptu waffle making classes as we had some first time waffle makers come out for the 2 for 1 special.  We also had lots of people come out for the ice cream social on Saturday afternoon. It  was so hot outside that it was the perfect day for a treat. We were a little worried about bingo when it was 6:25 and we only had 5 players ready to start at 6:30. Metro did a few rounds of advertising and we managed to get a good crowd out in the end though. Next up was movie night on the outdoor theater. It was finally a nice warm night which made for an enjoyable evening. It was nice to be able to watch the movie without being cold.

The highlight of my weekend was that the baby ducks were coming out to get bread. I was able to get as close as a couple feet away from them. They are so funny to watch because they are not quite steady on their feet. Sometimes they would grab a piece of bread and end up landing backwards on their tails. Now we need two more names. hmmmm Any suggestions? I have no idea if they are boys or girls yet.

New babies

New babies





Our kittens are ready to go to their new homes already. There are still 4 left if anyone is interested. They would make perfect family kittens since they have had plenty of attention and are very used to being held by kids. Once again they were a popular attraction this weekend.

This weekend coming up will be our Canada Day celebrations. We will be setting up the inflatable bouncer on Saturday afternoon and there will be free Canada birthday cake on Saturday as well. I am also running a special offer where you get one of our stainless steel water bottles when you spend over $15 from the RDR Grill. We are doing the fireworks on Canada Day itself this year. Having the holiday on the Wednesday has made for interesting planning.  I waited until I saw how people were booking before I made a final decision on when I was doing stuff. We have some that are coming in this weekend and staying until July 1 and then a lot are coming in on July 1 and staying until after the weekend. Some campers are  just coming for  few days somewhere in the middle. It is going to be a week of comings and goings and site changeovers.

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