Quick get some more cigars

It’s a baby boom around here. It is Wednesday evening as I am writing this and we have been on baby watch since yesterday afternoon when I noticed some funny things happening to the eggs. This morning we caught a glimpse of two little babies tucked safely under their mama. This afternoon she decided it was time to venture out into the big world. Apparently the pond a foot away from her nest wasn’t good enough and she had to herd them across the driveway to the other pond. The last time I saw them the mother was having some trouble getting one of the little guys moving. She was waiting for him to catch up so that they could cross the road.  It is just about time for me to go for an evening stroll and see how they are making out. With a little luck I will be back with some pictures too.

Fast forward to Thursday morning. Last night I arrived at the pond just in time to see the mother duck escorting her two little ones back to the nest.

Momma duck and 2 babies

Momma duck and 2 babies

I’m not sure how well it shows up in the picture but momma is on one side of the waterfall and the two babies are on the other side. It is so funny to watch them trying to walk around and manouever over rocks and sticks.  I haven’t seen them too much this morning so I will have to soon go and search them out to see what they are up to. Probably swimming lessons in the big pond. I have kind of lost track of when the other duck started nesting, but I think it will be around the end of this month when hers start hatching. Our lonely bachelor duck has started hanging out in the fish pond with the wild ducks. Quite often you will see them just swimming around together like old friends. We never thought that the wild ones and tame ones would interact, but apparently were wrong.
We also have a nest of baby robins that we have been keeping track of. They are tucked away in a spruce tree by one of the sites. They quickly went from little blue eggs to almost too big for the nest. They are growing very quickly and I imagine it won’t be long before they are out of the nest and on their own.  Between kittens, ducks and robins we need a lot of cigars to hand out this year.
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