This is one of those weekends that I was very glad to see come to an end. It was a Murphy’s Law weekend – whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Add in a couple backhanded insults and it was a long, long weekend.  It just seemed like all weekend we were fixing little issues – some I could control and some I couldn’t such as the one about not reading the menu properly.  I also  made a couple changes that I thought were for the better but was informed that I was wrong. I even had one thing that was implied that I was doing it to make more money instead of to make things better for those campers. The sad thing is we are talking about less than $10.  At this point all I can do is shake my head and wonder if I will ever see them again.

So I now sit here Sunday evening closing the page on this weekend and glad that it is the first bad one of the summer and hopefully the last. Now it is time to move  on to DuckyFest weekend. We are still adding in some more things to the schedule. We will be bringing back the dunk tank this year and are doing a special Friday night blackout bingo with the money being split between the Children’s Wish and the bingoer. I had some of our campers volunteer to do some face painting for the kids. We also added Mr Perogie’s perogies to the menu. After a couple years of poor supper turnouts and lots of wasted food we are doing away with the Baron of Beef dinner in favour of a simpler menu – hot dogs, smokies, home made french fries and perogies.  I am sure you have all heard the motto KISS. Keep it simple stupid. I am in the process of finishing a newsletter with the full schedule that will hopefully be sent out Monday afternoon. The schedule is also on the DuckyFest page of our website. The long term forecast is looking good with high 20’s and sunshine. We are getting close to a full house with only about 3 more sites available and also 3 rooms. 

I took advantage of the full campground and got some updated pictures of some campsites this morning. I also got a good one of the Ducky Express.  I still have a few more sites that I want to get new pictures of this week and then I will be updated. We are just finishing up our new seasonals and also some new full service pool area campsites. The pool area sites always go fast so it will be nice to have  couple more for people to choose from. I have started to work on the new map and have one area added on, but have not got the new bay done yet. The curvey lines take more concentration that the straight lines. I am thinking that we will name the new area Feather Bay, but am taking suggestions for the new name.

Sounds like we need to enjoy the nice weather today before we get some rainy days mid week.

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