Here we go again…

It is not even June and I am already finding myself looking for a new staff member. Yesterday things were looking good with two returning employees and another one set to start in late June. Today I fortunately still have my two returning staff, but am looking to fill the other position. So if you know of anyone looking for a summer job feel free to send them my way. There are applications on our website that they can fill out and return.

Yesterday I sent out a special offer to our email newsletter subscribers, so if you aren’t on the list already you better sign up. 

Things are shaping up to be a good weekend weatherwise. The last two days we have actually been able to go to the bus with just sweaters on and not all bundled up in warm jackets. So, that must be a good sign. This weekend is our first ice cream social and also a movie night.I am surprised to be still getting calls from people wondering if the pool is open yet? This makes me curious about when other campgrounds are opening their pools? I had heard that one of the larger campgrounds wasn’t opening until June, but now I wonder about the rest. Obviously anything solar heated would not be very warm right now and anyone heating with propane would be paying a small fortune in this weather. We are fortunate that we heat ours with the geothermal system, but now I just have to get people to understand that it is open and warm. Ok, so I actually went and checked the temperature – it is pushing 90F. It felt so nice and warm when I stuck my hand in.

This has been a very fast week. It seems like it was over just after it started. Between the getting ready and actually painting rm 4 we managed to get rid of three days pretty quick.  It looks so much better with a fresh coat of paint that we are going to get rm 2 done next. My painting partner wasn’t too excited to hear that since I had said we were done painting after this week. oops my mistake.

We just had a couple from Colorado stop in for the night.  The drop in travellers are always a bonus addition to the reservations that I am expecting. There have been a couple families come through to tour around and check us out today. Also, have been quite a few bookings and phone inquiries. A nice warm Friday afternoon apparently gets people thinking camping.

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