Wow, nice weather

As I sit here writing this we are in the middle of a gorgeous sunny afternoon. This is the second day in a row that we have been able to open the big door on the rec building to enjoy the view and fresh air. I am looking out at the ducks swimming around and listening to our new fountain bubbling away. It is nice to have the sound of water movement again, the fountain is such a simple thing but it makes a big difference aesthetically. I was trying to keep it fairly quiet, but this weekend it has become apparent that I have to go public. We are going to have more babies at the Duck. Our momma duck has a nest. I thought that she was hidden pretty good, but some kids managed to stumble upon her yesterday. Luckily I saw what they were up to and got them out of there before they bothered her too much. It looks like we will have to post notices again and be the ‘bad guys’ to enforce the rule of no kids under 12 near the pond without an adult. We should have about 3 more weeks until they hatch, then a couple weeks until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

If you watched the news a couple days ago, you would have seen the town of Warren was the top story. And not necessarily for a good thing since there were a couple of funnel clouds spotted in the area. From what we can tell they were on the west side of town. We didn’t know anything was out of the ordinary until someone who lives in that area phoned to ask if we saw them. A little while later someone from CBC called to ask if we had seen them or knew anything about them. Could have gotten a little free publicity if I would have said yes, but that would necessarily be good publicity. It could scare some people off if they think we are prone to tornadoes.

We had a busy morning in the RDR Grill, with about 18 members of the camping club coming for breakfast. Just over half tried out our new waffle maker and the rest ordered off the regular menu.  We have a few sites taking advantage of the weather and are staying on for late checkout. Most of the seasonals that were out are still hanging around until the bitter end and enjoying the last bit of pool and relaxing time.

Today  (now Monday) is definately a different day. It is a rainy, dreary, lazy type of day. The rain was much needed however and at least it waited until Monday to come along. We planted another batch of trees this past weekend so this rain was timed perfect for them.

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