Global warming?

It certainly didn’t feel like it yesterday. Aren’t we long past due for a nice warm stretch of weather? It is starting out as a nice morning today, but that is supposed to change this afternoon.

On the upside at least the leaves are starting to come out. The saskatoons are in full bloom right now with more and more showing up every year. If you are out here in the next few days you will notice all the white blossoms – those are the saskatoons. I noticed that we are even starting to get quite a few new trees growing now. There are some that are only a foot or so tall, but are full of blooms. If we don’t get a frost in the next few days we should have a good crop of saskatoon berries later this summer. hmmm good

We had a fairly decent turnout this weekend, nothing spectacular but still not bad considering the weather and time of year. Our bookings are still coming in for the summer, but it would be nice to get more people out at this time of year. In some ways it was almost a good thing that it wasn’t super busy because I was the only one working in the concession this weekend. Certainly not by choice, only by staffing conflicts. I did hire someone else yesterday, so we are back up to the full staff level. (for now). 

If you have been on our website lately, you may notice that our visitor count is quickly approaching the 10,000 mark. The counter was started approximatley the end of October so I would consider that a pretty good average. This winter we were able to maintain a good number of daily visitors ending up with a significant increase over last winter. In the month of May we had 1860 people visit the site.  That is what they call unique visits meaning that it was their first time on the site. Some of them returned more than once making the total visits 2437.  In the last week or so we have had close to 100 visitors per day. If we could ever get some summer weather we should make it close to 200.

I had better leave this computer now since I have some flower bed digging to do. Enjoy the weather this morning while we have it.

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