Apparently the pool can’t open this weekend. The public health department deems it too cold/snowy/rainy  to complete our opening inspection until Monday.  As you can imagine this is more than a little frustrating when we have been working hard all week to get things ready for today. But, what can you do?

I was just doing some updating on the way we are going to run the Ducky bingo this year. Last fall we had a few test drive bingo nights and I learned some things that would make things easier. With me not being a bingo player and my caller not being a bingo player we admittedly didn’t really know what we were doing. We were just kind of winging it (pun intended) and learning as we went. There will probably still be things to learn and change as we go along this year too.

The other day when we had an actual warm, sunny day we had a jump in the number of visitors to our websitewich I kind of expected. But this morning when I checked the stats I was surprised to see that we didn’t have a huge drop yesterday. We actually had the same number of visitors as the day before.

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