The pool area is now bricked, cleaned and waiting. We are physically ready to open this weekend, but we have to wait for the provincial inspection to say we are ok to go. If everything works out that should be done on Friday afternoon. We have to take water samples in to get tested before the inspection is completed. The lab says I should have some results back this afternoon, but there is one test that won’t be done until  Friday afternoon. If we don’t get those results back before the inspector comes we run into a bit of a problem. Worst case scenario we will be open Mon or Tue of next week.

Pool Area after

Pool Area after

Pool Area After

Pool Area After

Anyone on my newsletter list will already know this, but we have just got a self serve waffle maker. The kind where you dump the batter in, flip it over and it beeps when your waffle is ready to eat. We test drove it yesterday and the waffle smell was wafting through the rec building. The smell factor should help us sell lots of waffles. They will also be included in the continental breakfast with our motel rooms. During the off season the waffles will only be available on Weekend mornings, but as the summer gets busier we will have them everyday.  Oh, by the way they passed the taste test too. Our other new addition to the concession is a popcorn maker which we also test drove yesterday. It’s just a tough job having to taste test all this stuff for quality control.

The weather is probably the hot topic of conversation around the water cooler this morning. What a crazy country. It is going to be hard to get people thinking about camping this weekend when there is a high of 4C for today. We are finally starting to get some drive up traffic though. We had one site in last night and I just got a phone call about another coming in tonight. Nothing fabulous, but at least it is something. We turned the water on at the campsites yesterday afternoon so we are fully operational there. Dennis is on his way in to pick up our RV Supplies for the store today. We are slowly stocking things and filling up the shelves.

This will be our last weekend to work out any kinks in our new store and concession area before the busy long weekend.  I had hoped to have a few campers in to kind of ease into things and get back into the swing, but it doesn’t look like that will happen unless it suddenly climbs to 25C tomorrow.

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