A little bit of this and a little bit of that

There is no specific title that I can put on this post because there are alot of little topics that I will cover. So here we go..

First and most important is the news that the pool is now full of water!!! It is still a little chilly but it is coming. The goal is to have it ready for this weekend, but it will mostly depend on when we can get our opening inspection. The bricks should be done in the next day or so and the mess will be all cleaned up and ready for fun.

Saturday was a pretty slow day for campground opening weekend. We had some tenters, some cabin renters and a couple of seasonals. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day however and we had a lot of people out for a Sunday drive to check things out. I was amazed to be walking around at 8:30pm without a jacket and still not really be cold. It was one of the first nice nights to go for my walk around the fish pond. The wind was calm, the sun was reflecting off the water, the fish were jumping and our two Canada geese were just hanging out .  The geese are our regular pair that are stopping in for their 4th year now. It sounds like a hokey marketing ploy, but it really is very relaxing to just stop and watch them going about their business. I can see the tag line now “Come stay at the duck and get goosed” hmmm maybe not such a good line. Speaking of Canada geese I just got my Oak Hammock Marsh newsletter and they once again have a goose nesting on their roof. They have a goose cam so you can check in to see how she is doing. Check their website http://www.oakhammockmarsh.ca/ to find out more.

I am hoping this nice weather this week will bring out a few campers this weekend. I decided to try our first Bingo Night on Saturday so we better have some bingo players here. If there isn’t much of a turnout it will make for good odds for those that are here anyway. Our bingo nights are open to everyone, not just our campers so if you know anyone who wants to come for a not so serious game of bingo send them our way. I am thinking we will probably start at 6:30pm.

Saturday is also the quad derby in the Meadow Lea area. There wasn’t a derby held last year, but this year the Meadow Lea Hall and South Interlake ATV club are working together to put on what should be a fun derby. So if you are into playing in the mud puddles come make sure you come out on Saturday.

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