Reconstruction has begun


The brickman got a good start on the brick laying yesterday and it is starting to look pretty good. If you look closely in the picture you can see that we added a second entrance gate beside the pool shed.

Today is our official opening but I am not sure what this weekend will bring. I have the cabin booked for Saturday night, I am expecting one camper tonight and I have one here on pay as you go. We also have some hardy soles in the tenting area right now. If we were to get lucky enough to have a nice, warm, calm day tomorrow we might get some more campers in, but the way the weather has been I think that would be a miracle. It is hard to say how many seasonals will even be out this weekend. Tomorrow morning is our welcome back coffee break with free coffee, juice and goodies for campers. Sarah and I have been busy baking muffins this morning to get ready. And now we wait to see what the weekend brings.

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