Time to hand out the cigars… lots of them

If you read my blog regularly you will remember that we had a stray cat show up earlier this winter. A little while ago she started getting wider and wider and it soon became quite obvious that we were going to have babies at the Duck. We were thinking this should be allright, have a couple baby kittens around, then find them homes. Shouldn’t be too hard with all the people around during the summer, someone should be interested in a new pet. We even joked about giving free kittens with every train ride or something. It became quite apparent in the last week or so that she was having more than a couple kittens. She had gotten so big that she could barely walk this weekend. Last night we were blessed? with 8 kittens. That’s right 8 cute, cuddly kitties. (note the sales pitch starting already) 2 or 3 would have been much easier but oh no we now have to find 8 homes. They are all varying shades of black and white. Some are all black, some are spotted and one has already been compared to a cow. I think that will be Bessie. Hope it is a girl. We let her into the rec building last night so she could have a nice cozy birthing room, but now we need to find a safe place for the crew for the long weekend. We need to put her someplace that does not have public access, but that I can take guided ‘tours’ to show them off. And yes start my sales pitch. Beware, noone is exempt and I am not above taking advantage of the kid factor. Sell the kids first and they will sell the parents. The rule book was thrown out the window and the gloves came off when I counted 8 little tails. And if one happens to appear in your camper  – it’s yours. I have a strict no return policy.

I was doing my after bus stroll past the fish pond this morning and saw some other new babies. We have had a pair of wild ducks coming and going this spring, but this morning there were 4. There were two smaller ducks swimming beside the big ducks. That was a surprise to see. I even had to look a couple times to make sure that I wasn’t imagining things.

We finally had our inspection for the pool yesterday and it is officially open. The next few days are the big push to make sure we are ready for a super busy long weekend. The cabin, motel rooms, and all the RV sites are completely booked. I just have tenting sites left at this point. They have changed the forecast once again, but this time it is for the better.  No rain, highs of 11C and 17C, and winds of only 15km. That sounds not too bad if only it stays that way. There are still a few days for them to change it again. Last May Long we had about 50km/h winds and cold. We must be about due for a nice May long weekend.

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