Advertising is starting

It is time to start the 2009 advertising campaign. Now that the weather is starting to cooperate it is time that everyone should start thinking summer vacations.

I started up a pay per click ad on facebook yesterday. Thought I would give it a try to see what kind of response I get. So far I have had 49 click throughs. (That’s is the number of people that click the ad to get to our website.) That is a pretty good first day I think when you consider that is 49 people that wouldn’t have come to our site before. Of course just because they click doesn’t mean they are seriously interested. I am sure that some just see the name and the duck and are curious.

I am also running a pay per click ad on google. For those that may not know these are the ads that you see along the side of the search results or sometimes some websites will allow them directly on their sites.  If someone is interested they click the ad and it takes them to our website. We are charged once someone clicks that ad. I only had 14 clicks from there, but that is mostly because the clicks are more expensive, so my budget doesn’t go as far.

The jury is still out on PPC advertising and whether or not it works. Some businesses will swear  by it and think it is wonderful and others won’t have anything to do with it. One comment that is often brought up is you have no control to stop your competitors from clicking your ad just to make you pay for it.  Me, I kind of sit on the fence. I am not completely convinced it is good advertising, but I do think there is some potential to get new business.  So, I don’t put a huge amount of my budget towards PPC.

They are calling for +4 again today. It sure was nice to be able to get out and enjoy the weekend. I finally got the sign changed so we aren’t advertising the fishing and poker derbies anymore. The snow really disappeared yesterday and I can acutually start seeing gravel and dirt. Ahhhhh it’s about time.

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