Spring? Really?

I think April 1 would be a better day to make the first day of Spring. April Fools Day is much better suited for this kind of joke. Today just doesn’t seem like spring when only the day before it was -20 with a wintry wind blowing. I suppose we could give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that the 7C forecast for Sunday will actually come true.

Those of you that live in or closer to Winnipeg would probably be surprised by how much snow is still around out here. I know that I was surprised by the lack of snow inside the perimeter earlier this week. We are starting to see some bare patches of ground fortunately so there is hope however. If we can just get rid of the ice that is around right now it would be a bonus. You would be better of with a pair of skates in some yards and parking lots than you are with shoes on your feet. We were able to drag out the BBQ this week though so that must be a sign of spring. It is always nice to have that first BBQed meal of the year.

This time of year gets a little frustrating around here because camping season is so close and we are anxious to get started on our projects we have planned, but just can’t do it.  I want instant snow melting, none of this slow melt. We have things to do. I will share a couple things that we have planned for this year. We are planting a potato patch and will be selling home grown new potatoes when they are ready and we are planning to enlarge the seating area around the pool area. There are still a few other things in the works, but I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. You just have check back later.

I hope everyone has a happy first day of spring or more importantly last day of winter!!!!

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