Another winter, another kitty

It’s that time of year when all the homeless kitties seem to show up on our doorstep.  At least this one is not asking to come inside and she is content to visit us outside – so far. She doesn’t seem to live here exclusively but instead travels around to the neighbors.

I just had to have a chuckle. I wrote the first paragraph at the beginning of December and well things have changed. This past week she had a taste of what inside was like (only about 20 minutes) and decided that she would like to live in our house permanently. And she now seems to live here exclusively. There is no travelling around anymore, just from the shed to the house for visits and pets. Once again you can tell that she was an indoor pet at some point which really makes me wonder how she went from that to living on the streets of the duck. She just can’t get enough petting and will come running whenever she hears us outside.

As you can tell she likes kids and sled rides












At least she has found a warm bed and is able to fend for herself outside. Hopefully she can tell a mouse from a chipmunk and we will be able to put her on the payroll permanently.

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