RV Show this week

The annual RV show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre starts this Thursday. This usually means people start thinking a little more about camping and summertime. We will be working at the MACAP (Manitoba Association of Campgrounds and Parks) booth on Sunday afternoon. If you happen to be in at the show stop by and say hi. I believe we are on the third floor.  You can find show info at http://manitobarvshow.ca/index.php 

Now if we could just get rid of this snow we could get on with some more fun things. I recently added a countdown ticker to our website so you can check how many days until camping officially starts. Hopefully my ticker is off and it starts a lot earlier.

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1 Response to RV Show this week

  1. John Pelley says:

    Nice to think about summer traveling when it’s still winter. Hello Winepeg friends from San Antonio.

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