Ice fishing derby results

I still can’t believe that considering how cold it has been overall this winter that we actually had a decent day for the fishing derby. We were able to finish without anyone getting frostbite. Certainly wouldn’t be able to say the same if the derby was today. Unfortunately it wasn’t much competition at the derby as we had one guy come out who really, really knew what he was doing. He was able to catch 15 fish while everyone else just kind of had a good time as you can see from this picture.

Redneck Fishermen

Redneck Fishermen


Now the fish and the real fisherman

Ice fishing

Ice fishing


The day carried on into the evening as we had some entertainment from Party Tyme. In between their sets they also set up a Karaoke system so we had a few others providing some interesting entertainment, especially as the night grew to a close.  There were a couple good notes and a lot of bad ones. A good time was had by all however and that is the main thing.

In addition to the derby we also had quite a few snowmobilers stop by to warm up and grab a snack. We were starting to wonder why we hadn’t seemed to have anyone really stop in at the warm up. Seems like the weather was the definate answer. Having a decent weekend brought them out. Although today is back to the brutal cold they are calling for highs near -8 this coming weekend. If it actually turns out that would be fantastic for the Northern Lites Poker on Saturday. If they get warm weather it should make for a good turnout.

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