A busy weekend in January?

Sure why not? Our rec building is rented out for a birthday party on the Friday night. Then Saturday is our ice fishing derby so I will be doing a quick cleaning on Saturday morning and getting stuff ready. Along with the derby we also have a band coming to provide some entertainment in the evening. They are called Party Time and have been here once before. They usually set up the Karaoke between their sets so hopefully we get some people here to make it worthwhile. It sounds like we will have a promising turnout for the derby itself, I was actually just told by someone last night that he is bringing a crew down and they like to eat so I should be prepared. That sounds good to me.  The one big variable in Manitoba is of course the weather. If we have a -40 windchill I only expect to see the diehards, but if we all cross our fingers and do a warm sunshine dance maybe we will get lucky. At this particular moment we are looking at a high of -20 and light winds. That should be tolerable but -10 would certainly be better.

We now have a grooomed snowmobile trail coming into here since the Northern Lites club was able to get out with their groomer. They had some delays this year in that the groomer they just bought last year was in a shop that was damaged by fire this fall. They have just now been able to get a replacement groomer and get it ready to go. Hopefully they have better luck with this groomer and can keep it for a few years. The club has added a new section of trail that goes down to St. Francis area this year. For some unknown reason it was not added to the Snoman maps but it is on the clubs map which is available in this area and should be available online at their website http://www.northernlitesmb.com/start.cfm

I was just having a peak at our website statistics and since Christmas our number of visitors per day has doubled. The extra promotion that we have been doing for our events is obviously paying off. QX 104 was kind enough to run the info about our fishing derby in their family fun guide. I didn’t think that they would since it is not for a fundraiser, so was pleasantly surprised when I heard it. Every little bit helps. As I am going through the stats it always makes me wonder about some of the search phrases that people will use. Some seem completely off the wall, but still pull up our site.

Ok my original intention was for this to be posted yesterday but we were at a campground association meeting all day and the time kind of disappeared. But since I did wait I can now say that the forecast is for a high of -14 tomorrow. It is getting closer to -10.

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