A good time was had by all

Our family New Year’s Eve was a big success. With around 35 or so people the crowd was just the perfect size so that everyone was still able to enjoy themselves. We had all 4 rooms and the cabin booked for the evening. That was our first cabin rental ever so it was an extra special day.

New Year's Eve at the duck

New Year's Eve at the duck

I think Rockband was by far the most popular thing throughout the evening. It is amazing how good some of the kids were and how not so good some of the older, inebriated kids were. lol. The weather did not really cooperate for any outside activities but a couple families did roast some marshmallows and some people did make it into the hot tub.

New Year's Hot Tubbin

New Year's Hot Tubbin


And out of the hot tub


Then they made a mad dash back to the hot tub.

I have another picture that I would love to post, but that wouldn’t be right. It involves a large, drunk man and a party hat. If you were here you may know what I mean, if not just ignore the somewhat inside joke.

It is funny as we continue to look back like in the last post and think that last year we could hardly give the rooms away and this year I turned away 3 people because they were all booked. At one point we even questioned whether or not we wanted to do anything for New Year’s, but in the end decided that we might as well. Now we  are glad that we did and are looking forward to next year already.

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