Looking back..

With the end of the year quickly approaching I decided yesterday was time to start switching over my files. As I was packing away 2007 I came across some of our plans and scribbles from our construction years. We actually managed to follow our original scribbles pretty closely. There were a few minor exceptions such as on one of the plans we actually had sites going North off Ducky Drive behind what is now site 52 and 54. In the end we decided to leave that clump of bush untouched and au naturel. The plans for the motel room building/house were followed pretty much to the letter. You may not know this part, but we actually designed the layout ourselves and what is now our house is designed to some day be converted into more rooms with one of them being a two bedroom suite. The rec building did have some changes though. There was one plan that  had things turned around and the laundry in a completely different spot. It was really interested to look back at how things started but the most interesting was a picture that I had forgotten about. A friend of ours was flying over in a plane and snapped it for us. I am guessing it was taken around late August or early September. It still shows our camper fortress that was our home for 3 months and the outside of the rec building was still pink styrofoam. Unfortunately it is not very good quality and was just a print out off a computer, but it was a good ‘before’ picture. I don’t have the original and I would doubt that the person that took it still has the original. It would have made a great comparison picture for the ones that Dennis took this summer.

I wrote this post a couple weeks ago as you may have figured out since it is already a new year. I think everyone naturally tends to look back at the previous year and look ahead for what is in store.  I know that I always do, but I am always planning a few months ahead. Even though it is snowing yet again, I am already planning our events for next summer when hopefully it is 30 above instead of 30 below.

We had some visitors while I was writing this post.

Partridges in the snow

Partridges in the snow


I have seen them here and there all winter and today they decided to stop by our living room window. We counted 10 at one point and then they were gone.  I guess they don’t stay long without a pear tree.

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