Getting ready for New Year’s

The next two days are going to be some busy ones. I have to switch from laid back, season over mode to actually working again. We now have all four rooms and the cabin rented for the night. I still have two rooms to go through and touch up the cleaning since they haven’t been used for a while. The last couple minor details of the cabin will be finished today too then it needs a cleaning. The rec building isn’t too bad for clean, but does need a sweep and mop as always. I had planned to do some decorating, but I had a very hard time even finding any decorations of any sort. We hit three stores and didn’t see a party hat in sight and only a few noisemakers. Walmart barely even had any regular balloons never mind New Year’s Eve stuff. At one store she said she thought she had stuff in the back. It was two days before and the stuff is not out in the store? Now, I didn’t go to an actual party store and probably would have found something there. I admit to not being much of a shopper so after two stops and no luck I just kind of gave up and decided to get creative with what I have. At some point I also have to get some food ready too. I’ll be rolling meatballs for a couple hours today. Maybe I can convince my child labour to help out, so if you get a funny shaped meatball just remember it all tastes the same. lol.

It doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate for much outside stuff, but what else is new in Manitoba. New Year’s Day looks to be warmer so hopefully the people that are staying overnight will be able to get outside then.

Well I should probably get off this computer and actually get started on some of my to do list.

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1 Response to Getting ready for New Year’s

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh Sheri! If only you asked me to help you out with all that cleaning and cooking I would have been HAPPY to help!
    Miss you all and Happy New Year.

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