Today looks like it will be the last day of the deep deep freeze for a while. The 14 day trend was showing warm temps to hold out for couple weeks. I came across this list on a forum today and thought that I should share. It is comparing winter in Winnipeg to winter in Arizona.

1. Frost bite sometimes looks like a nice tan.

2. You’ll never have to watch for scorpions and snakes @ Portage & Main in winter.

3. Snow in your mouth disolves quicker than sand or cactus.

I thought it was kind of amusing and true even.

This Saturday is the Northern Lites Poker Derby which is starting and ending here. We are doing the breakfast in the morning as well. If it does turn out to be a nice warm day it could be quite a big turnout. I’m sure that a lot of people have itchy throttle fingers from not being able to ride much. I have seen comments and talked to one person about a few big groups that are planning to come out.  So, once again we are at the ‘how much food are we going to need?’ stage and how busy is it going to be? Not that I am complaining, it is all good.

I am really at a loss for anything else to say right now and just go ahead and post. Like it or leave it this is the best I could come up with today. I’ll come back and edit if I get more creative later and promise to do better next post.

I told you I might come back and here I am. Check out this week’s Stonewall Argus

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