A crafty weekend

If anyone is into crafting and craft sales this is a big weekend around here. The Hitchin Post is holding their annual Christmas craft sale. Details are here. I have never been there myself but have heard nothing but good things. Apparently there is so much stuff that you could spend hours just looking around. If you  are looking for something to do this may be the thing.

The big breakfast is out at Six Pines halloween haunt this morning. If you want to be scared this is the place to be. You just see a glimpse of what they have on tv of course, but they have definately gone all out. Their barn of doom is adult only so you know it is pretty freaky.  Find them here. I heard reports of some people that had gone to the Marine Museum in Selkirk. They also have some type of halloween haunt out there and it is very popular as well. If you go to either one you need to be prepared to be scared. There is lots of halloween fun to be had in our area.

Amazingly it is going to be a warm halloween this year. Add this year being on a Friday and there should be lots of ghouls around for sure.

It was pretty depressing to be coming back from the bus and still no sunrise. It was a dark and dreary walk this morning. This is the fall back weekend so everyone remember to change the clocks. So I guess after that our mornings will be brighter, but sunset is going to be around 5:00pm making for dark evenings.

Be sure to get out and enjoy the 14C high today.

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