Fishing Derby results

Well despite the cool weather and nasty wind everyone had a great time at the fishing derby on Saturday. We had around 22 people enter the derby and they caught around 70 fish. They certainly kept the measurers hopping. Our eventual winner, Mitch got off to a slow start, but came from behind and pulled things together in the last 20 minutes or so. Mitch ended up catching 7 fish for a total of 96″, 2nd place winnter Bryan caught 6 fish totalling 86″; and 3rd place winner Andrew caught 5 fish for a total of 68.5″. Our kids winner Zachary caught 6 fish totalling 77.75″. The biggest fish caught was 17″ and went to Damon. A quick calculation that night showed that the ATV club raised $800 for the day.

Official measuring

Official measuring

Everyone had such a good time that we are already looking forward to making the SIATV an annual event and also our ice fishing derbies this winter. Almost makes we want it to get cold and freeze – no not really.
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