A business tip

Get your story straight and know what your business offers so that people don’t have to waste there time coming to your store on a wild goose chase. Yesterday was the day to get the supplies for the fishing derby this weekend. We wanted to do chicken breasts for supper this time so I phoned a meat supplier who we had never dealt with and therefore never been to their location and don’t know if they have a retail area. I was told yes you can come in and buy here as long as it is not something like steaks that have to be specially cut. So I am thinking we are good to go, stop in check out what they have, what will work – thinking chicken kiev, or cordon blue etc. Well we get in there and oh no we don’t keep items in stock, you have to order them. This story was a whole lot different than the one that I got on Monday. So out we go to find plan B since we still need something to feed people on Saturday. In the end we are still doing chicken breasts, but are making teriyaki and buffalo style from scratch and we will not be rushing back to that business anytime in the near future.

Ticket sales for the derby and social have been kind of slow. It did help when we split up the day so that people could only come to one thing or another if they couldn’t make all three. If it turns out to be a nice day hopefully we will get quite a bit of drop ins. I think the forecast still looks promising for Saturday anyway, Sunday is a different story. I have heard rumors of flurries on the way.

The last hunters left here Wednesday morning and I certainly was not sad to see the end of another hunting season. Apparently the geese left early this year so Cupped Wings ended up cancelling 4 or so groups at the end. I went from expecting 12 guys on Sunday evening to finding out on Saturday evening that there would only be 6. On Wednesday there was supposed to be a group of 6 coming in and I found out on Monday that they cancelled that group too. Fortunately my plan was to go on Tuesday to get groceries so I did not have to throw too much food out.

Dennis is in the city now picking up some pipe to fix some drainage problems that showed up with all the rain this summer. Lake Sandyken and Minigolf Lake will hopefully be no more next year.

I guess it is time for me and my girlie assistant to go to the rec building to get some stuff ready for tomorrow.

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