Cabin and hunters update

I have sat down to write this a couple times and it just has not happened yet. I have completely started over once already and am going to try again.

The Ducky Construction Crew is installing the flooring in the cabin this afternoon. They were able to get the painting finished last night. Still a few finishing touches to do and furniture to put in, but it is sleepable if ya absolutely had to.

Our boisterous group of 12 Louisianna hunters has left and made way for a quiet group of 6 Arkansas hunters. Man what a difference in the two groups. The Louisianna guys were a little over the edge, but a lot of fun anyway. It sure made the time fly by when they were here. It is nice to be down to only 6 for cooking for a few days. Those Southern boys sure knew how to eat and it kept me on my toes to make sure there was enough food to keep them full. One of the guys bought me out of Canadian nickels so that he could give them to his 8 year old daughter. She was going to take them for show and tell then give each kid in her class a nickel.  A rather interesting idea. I was kind of taken aback by a comment by one of the hunters today. He asked me if we are only open for goose and duck season. I thought it was a little strange that someone could be here for almost 24 hours and not notice that there is more to us than just rooms for hunters to stay in. My first instinct was to say “Are you serious?!!”, but that wouldn’t be polite. So I bit my tongue and politely said no our rooms are open year round and the campers in the summer.  How can you be so engrossed in hunting to not see anything else around here? Things that make you go hmmmm.

The pool is now officially put to sleep for the winter. The cover is on, the water is drained and the pipes are winterized.  It is such a warm sunny day that it’s hard to believe that the ground could be white any day now.

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