As I sit here writing this the sun is just starting to get up and the big ole moon is just going down. It sure is nice to see that orangy color to the East this morning. It has been a dreary and depressing couple of days.  I believe that most seasonals have their winterizing done and everything packed away for the snowy season.  There are still a couple that I haven’t seen yet and expect should be here in the next few days. As we all know the weather can change quickly at this time of year. It makes for a sad weekend to say goodbye for a few months. Saturday was our thanksgiving potluck with about 14 people all together. We were originally expecting more, but as everyone’s lives get busier there are always conflicts and some couldn’t make it.

Sunday afternoon we had a group of 12 hunters from Lousianna come in with CWO. There are some real characters in the group and they have some different accents. It was 81F when they left home and they seemed to think that we were a little crazy for sitting in the hot tub on a cool Manitoba evening. It was actually quite relaxing even with the cool temperature and rain misting over us. Not sure if I mentioned it somewhere along the way, but back in the summer we upgraded the hot tub in the courtyard. This is a much more efficient one so we are able to keep it open all winter without any problems. The other one had a few issues and made it very high maintenance and difficult to maintain in the cold temperatures.

Now that we have the hot tub good to go, I have started doing some extra promotion for winter time and snowmobiling.  I talked to the owner of Sno-much fun about snowmobile rentals and tours. If anyone is interested in renting a snowmobile he will deliver it here and if there is a big enough group he will do a tour in this area. I heard at one point that they were forecasting more snow for this winter so the snowmobilers will have a better winter. Unfortunately it is time to think winter since it will be here whether we like it or not. At least we are not in Regina though, sucks to be them this weekend.

Fast forward to 10:30am and the sun is still shining brightly and just starting to warm up the house. The ducks have been silly creatures lately. Now that the traffic has slowed down they have been cruising all over the place – in front of and beside the rec building, by the pool area, you name it. They seem to think they own the place now.

Today is election day so finally we get an end to listening to all the political bad mouthing. Hopefully Stephan Harper and James Bezan will stop calling me too. I am sure some of you were fortunate enough to get the recorded phone call.

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