I must make a correction on my previous post. Geri did not snitch on me. Metro was just that curious that he had to find out as soon as he got home what I wrote. Ahhhhh my plan worked perfectly, now I will rule the world (or at least The Duck)

I am in the process of switching over our website to a different web host. It is very similar to the old one, with a few minor changes and improvements. I am still tweaking a few things. Some of the behind the scene things are easier for me to use now. It is now more user friendly for me to make changes. On the old site I had to learn html to make changes on the home page, now everything is similar to a wordprocessing program.  The pictures page is a big improvement since I never did like the way it was before but I didn’t know how to make it better. The reservations page is still getting a few kinks worked out of it, but I don’t expect a huge rash of bookings for this weekend anyway. That wind is just a howling outside right now, certainly not very appealing for camping.

We are having our Thanksgiving potluck this Saturday. I think that I counted maybe 14 or so people. I will only have 4 hunters to cook for that night as we have the rooms booked with non hunters. I had an interesting surprise at 9:30 last night when I found out that the group of 5 hunters that I was told were leaving after lunch today is actually leaving after lunch tomorrow – small communication breakdown. That left me scrambling to find food for an extra 5 guys for supper, breakfast and lunch. On the upside I have another break with no supper Thursday and no breakfast or lunch on Friday.

The boys have been busy building the camping cabin last week and this week. It is coming along good and is going to look pretty darn good when it is done. I have been taking pictures as things progress and will post them here in the next little while.

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