A day in the life

and a few explanations. I admit that the posts have slowed down in the last few weeks and won’t pick up for another couple yet. On Saturday night Metro decided that he should point this out and give me a little shot about it – all in joking because he already knows the story of a day in my life right now. So, of course I had to put in a special post just for him. Even more amusing for me because I know that he doesn’t have immediate access to a computer. Apparently Geri snitched because he had read the post by Sunday evening already. So that is the explanation for the last post that doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

Now for a day in the life. As I said in previous posts a  waterfowl outfitter has their hunters staying here and I am doing 3 full meals for them. Right now there are 9 hunters and two guides/outfitters staying here, so that makes meals for 11 guys. It will vary from as little as 3 hunters to up to 15 at one point and the majority of groups are here for 3 nights.

4:15 am – Alarm #1 goes off and time to get up to cook breakfast

4:45 am – Full Breakfast is served

approx 5:15 – cleanup is done hunters are on their way and I go back to lay down in bed and hopefully snooze for a little while.

somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00 (depending on what is going on that day) alarm #2 goes off and time to start getting things ready for girlies to go to school.

8:00am bus time

8:00-9:00am some where about now I find time for breakfast myself, ingest large amounts of caffeine and do misc paperwork etc stuff.

Mornings vary depending on what is for lunch. Non kindergarten days I try to make fairly low maintenance and have everything ready to just heat and go. On kindergarten days when I am alone I do things that require a little more prep and prepare stuff for the next day. Usually by 11:00 I/we (girlies) are in the rec building to put the final touches on lunch and make sure the last cleanup is done.

12:00noon lunch time

1:00pm – 2:00pm – clean up lunch and get supper started including dessert.

2:00pm-4:00pm – I/we are hopefully back in the house for a little relax time and finish up anything that has been put off from the previous days. More caffeine injected.

4:00pm – bus time

4:00-7:30pm – I go back to my job as mommy and check out the backpacks, feed, bathe and put to bed the girlies.

7:30ish-8:00ish – at some point it is time to head back next door to finish making supper.

9:30ish – supper served. They have been very late getting back in the evenings and supper has not been finished until shortly after 10:00pm. This is later than usual and I am hoping that it doesn’t happen much longer as it is a very long time to wait from when I am done with the girlies to when supper is served.

somewhere between 10:30pm-11:00pm I make into bed and start all over again.

This is a regular day assuming that we have no rooms to clean  or I don’t have to go for groceries. Groceries is once a week and the rooms switch over an average of two times a week.

Now I am not writing this to complain or tell my sad tale, but if you see me and I look half asleep that’s the explanation. That is also the explanation as to why the posts are few and far between right now. I do get a break of one day this week I think and my last day is on the 26th. Those of you who have heard about the fishing derby on the 25th and are quick on the draw will notice that I still have one 4:45 am breakfast to do the next morning and I am not sure how that is going to work. I am planning to con my mom into cooking breakie the day of the derby, but I think it will be me the day after.  When we scheduled the derby there were no hunters booked for that night, but that has apparently changed and we still 6 have hunters in.

Now I haven’t done it all by myself either I have had a lot of help from my mom, especially on the cleaning days. This past weekend Geri volunteered herself to be my kitchen assistant as well. Just the company alone makes the day go faster, but someone who will wash my dishes, and entertain my girlies…..priceless.

It is now 10:24 and I am just back from supper and wanted to finish this off before I drag myself into bed. Tomorrow is grocery day so I have been trying to make my list in between cooking and washing dishes with the hopes of not forgetting anything. That doesn`t usually happen, I will forget something.

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