New event for 2009

I have been thinking of this idea for a while, and I am finally going to put into action for next year. The weekend is still undecided and the final details still need to be worked out but, the working title is ‘Pig out weekend’. It will include things like a cupcake eating contest, and a hot dog eating contest. I also want to do a big burger challenge. You may have heard of places that have giant burgers (anywhere over 1 pound) and you have to finish them in a specified time to get a prize and have your picture put on the wall. I am going to have to do some research on different ideas, then do a trial run on the big burger. I have been to a few places that show some eating records including things like cow brains, butter and mayonnaise. Why someone would want to eat large quantities of these things I just don’t know. There are of course normal things like pizza and burgers. Someone even ate Six Pounds of Baked Beans in One Minute, 48 Seconds. Now I don’t even want to think about the after effects of that one.

We had an interesting ‘event’ here on Saturday. Does anyone know what you get when you cross a cell phone with a toilet – a soggy phone and a brand new toilet. What goes in does not come out in this case. We are not sure how he managed to do it but the old fella dumped his phone in at the same time as the toilet was flushing and whoosh it was gone. It was jammed in there so good the only way it came out was to break the toilet itself.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy and take advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend. I just checked the forecast and it is still supposed to be sunny and fairly warm today then back to more rain for Tues and Wed.  I guess as long as it is not snow we shouldn’t complain.

We were just thinking last night that our Lucy goosey who has stopped in for the past two years has not been around this fall. She is a lonely blue goose that shows up, stays for a while then takes off again. We are thinking that she is not going to come this year since we are hearing that the birds are gone already. Hopefully we are wrong and she is just late cause it was really a neat thing to have her here and hang out with the ducks.  There are apparently no ducks and geese around the area anymore. The outfitters staying here are even cancelling hunts this week. Instead of 6 guys coming in last night, I had 2 guys. There is supposed to be a group of 6 coming on Wed, but we don’t know if they will or not.

The ATV Club has decided to break down the pricing for the fishing derby this weekend in case someone wants to just come for a portion of the day. The derby only will be $20; supper and social $15 and social only is now $10. Of course the best deal is still everything for $35.

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