What a difference a week makes

Last weekend was just like a summer weekend around here with almost 20 overnight sites and quite a few seasonals around. This weekend we only have 2 overnight sites and Fri there was only one seasonal out, Sat there were 4 out. We seem to have changed from summer to fall very quickly. This morning most definately seems like a Manitoba fall morning. It is cool, windy and dark. I am not very fond of the dark part. It makes it hard to get out of bed some mornings when it is soo dark. It is nice to see the sunrise sometimes though. It is happening as we speak and the sky is actually a very nice pinky, purpley color. If it wasn’t so cool and windy I might actually go take a picture as it comes up over the fish pond, but no that’s not going to happen this morning.  We have almost exactly 12 hours between sunrise and sunset today – 7:21 rise to 7:18 set. I thought that was an interesting little tidbit and while I am at it did you remember that last year it was a high of 19.6C and does anyone remember 1965 when the record low was -7.2, how about 1952 when the record high was 31.7C. I certainly don’t remember myself. My facts are courtesy of Sylvia at CKY.

Just heard that this is the 100th anniversary of the Model T and apparently there was a gathering of a bunch of cars at one of the Ford plants. Here are some more little tidbits (I am just full of useless info this morning)

  • October 1, 1908 marks the anniversary of the first Model T built for sale.
  • The Model T was the first low-priced, mass-produced automobile with standard, interchangeable parts.
  • The Model T was equipped with a 20-horsepower, four-cylinder engine with a top speed of about 45 miles per hour, weighed 1,200 pounds, and achieved 13-21 miles per gallon.
  • The moving assembly line for the Model T revolutionized manufacturing in 1913.
  • More than 15 Million Model Ts had been sold by May 26, 1927, when a ceremony marked the formal end of Model T production.
  • Henry Ford called the Model T “the universal car,” a low-cost, reliable vehicle that could be maintained easily and could successfully travel the poor roads of the era.
  • On Dec. 18, 1999, the Ford Model T was named “Car of the Century” by a panel of 133 automotive journalists and experts who began with a list of 700 candidates in 1996 and sequentially narrowed the nominees through seven rounds of balloting over three years.
  • If anyone is interested in more useless tidbits, you can check out wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Model_T

    What struck me immediately was the 20hp and 45 mph. Don’t quote me, but I think our truck is somewhere in the 200hp range and don’t some lawnmowers have 20hp engines? The top speed of 45 mph hours isn’t too shabby really, that is around 70km.  Although when you consider what the roads and general landscape must have been like way back then, 70 was probably pretty darn fast.

    Today is yet another fall supper, this time in Argyle. There must be one a weekend for the next month with Grosse Isle next weekend.

    We had some guys staying with us for the Stonewall 12/20 goose shoot. I believe they were from Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin maybe. Sounds like they were lucky enough to draw a good field this year and had a good hunt. They are already booked for next year again.

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