It’s a small world after all

We have two different groups of waterfowl hunters staying here right now – one is on a guided hunt and the other group is on their own doing a little freelancing. The strange thing is that they apparently some of them only live 40 miles away from each other. They could have carpooled. Our unguided guys are definately here for a good time – hunt all morning then kick back and relax in the evening. The guided hunters ended up leaving a day early.  Two of the guys from the next group ended up coming early so they caught a duck hunt tonight and are just settling in for a well earned sleep after driving for a couple days from the sounds of it. They are from Baton Rouge, LA – a long, long ways away. As of right now, I have no meals to do tomorrow since they are planning on picking up the others at the airport in the afternoon, then having supper in Winnipeg before they come out.  That means no 4:15am alarm for one morning anyway.

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