Bingo was a huge success this weekend. It was almost standing room only, well not quite but the rec building was quite full. The jackpot was a whopping $28 won by Laura from site 16. I think a lot of people were close, but not close enough. I know of one girlie and one grandma that both only needed one number. I hear that the movie was pretty good too. We had a few people come out, a lot of the kids seem to just float in and out but don’t really sit long enough to watch.

The weather was certainly cooler than they had predicted, especially when Mr Sun didn’t come out to play. We were all a little baffled that the kids could stay in the pool having fun, while we were outside with jackets on. The most surprising was when Metro started the train and they all ran from the pool straight into the train. Kids must have a different body thermometer than us adults, because they did not seem to even notice that they should be cold. Both Friday and Saturday nights were just about perfect campfire nights, not too hot and yet not so cold that you were freezing your butt off.

My website is finally back up and running with the current version. We are back in September, not March anymore. I am still having a few problems with changing and updating however I did manage to add in some information about the cabin coming in 2009 and switcherood a couple things around. Dennis has actually started some construction on the cabin yesterday.

I was just reminded by Haylie that today it is officially fall. I guess it is time to finally accept that summer is over and fall has begun. Now as long as that snow stays away it won’t be so bad.

We have just made the executive decision to keep the pool open one more week. The forecast is calling for the temperature to stay around that 15-20C all week and into the weekend. Hopefully that gets some people interested because as of right now I have no campsites booked. This past weekend I went from having two sites booked on Monday to having 20 sites here on Saturday night. Things can certainly change in a hurry with a good forecast.

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