Day 5 and they did it

A whole week of not chaning the forecast 20 times. They have dropped the temperature for Saturday, but I think sunny and 14 will still be quite tolerable. I don’t think anyone will be complaining. I was surprised that it didn’t cool off until quite late last night – almost like summer. I was outside and comfortable in a Tshirt at 8:30 at night.  I noticed in the paper this morning they said it was a high of 29, only one degree off setting a record. 

I was watching Canada AM for a bit this morning and they always have a survey and this morning’s question was “Do you think people are becoming increasingly rude”  With us being in the business of dealing with the public on a daily basis this caught my eye. Now, for the most part the people that we get here are really good, polite and patient but there are other types of people out there. This reminded me of a conversation that I had the other day. I was doing my grocery shopping and since it was fairly early Monday morning they only had one cashier on as it was not busy, of course until I pull up to the till with my cart full to the brim with stuff. I had just started to unload when someone else came along with their cart. The cashier asks me if I could wait while she goes to phone to get some help so that this poor guy doesn’t have to be stuck behind someone like me. Literally less than a minute and she is back to finish my stuff and she thanks me for waiting. Now I thought that was good of her to thank me, but really unnecessary as I saw the question as rhetorical. To me there was no answer other than ‘sure go ahead’.  Then she tells me that she actually had a lady say ‘no’ and that the cashier couldn’t leave. I thought that was just awful, what could be that time sensitive in your life that you couldn’t wait less than one minute so that someone else didn’t have to wait behind you. Luckily these incidents are few and far between.

I have seen some big RVs in my time and I didn’t think you could get much more than 4 slides and 40′, but apparently you can. I was reading RV West magazine and came across an article about an RV with a deck out the slide. You have to check it out Have a look through the photo gallery too, there are some amazing pictures. Wouldn’t it be nice to afford something like that?

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