And they say bees are busy.

Have you ever seen a chipmunk in September? Now that’s busy. The little critters just don’t stop going – back and forth, back and forth. We went for a walk last night and must have seen at least 7 chipmunks at various sites gathering their goodies for the winter. Earlier in the summer we had one little guy, (I call him Chippy no tail because well obviously he is missing most of his tail) making his trail – starting at site 26, across the driveway, along the bottom of the screen on the rec building, across the front of the house and over the step, to the sunflower seeds at the side of the house and all the way back again. He did not stop all day and I always knew it was him because of his tail. He was just hilarious to watch. On one of his trips our cat was sitting on the step when he was doing his lap. He was on such a mission that he didn’t even notice him until he was less than a foot away. Luckily for Chippy, Sammy is a big lazy ole thing who finds it an effort to go from the bed to the food dish. A quicker cat and he would have been lunch. All he did was retreat and regroup, wait a few minutes and start all over again.

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