The geese are here

Does that mean that fall is too? I saw 2 flocks go over just as we were walking back from the bus. The hunters will be out and about now too.  We have our first group of American hunters come in on the 20th. They were here last year and are returning again. They had some pretty good luck freelancing last year and want to try it again. On the 21st we get our first group through an outfitter come in. These are the high maintenance ones where I do 3 full meals every day.

As you recall from yesterday we went to the ITA’s annual members dinner and awards last night. We were nominated for the Partnership award, but lost out to the Winnipeg Beach Arts and Culture Co-op. This is the group that puts on The Wave, an artists tour in the Winnipeg Beach area.  One of the other Interlake campgrounds and fellow member of MACAP, Spruce Sands RV Resort won the Service Excellence award. Our congratulations to Dave and Gerry Hammond. Spruce Sands has been in business for over 40 years and they currently have over 300 campsites.

Another weekend is here already. We have a quite busy weekend, especially when you consider it is mid September. We have 12 regular campers, 4 pay as you goers, 2 weekly campers and one hot tub rental. The pool will still be open, but we are going to shorten the hours somewhat.  Saturday afternoon will be one last ice cream social for the season. The farewell to summer sales have started on slushees, iced caps, ice cream sandwiches, fudge bars, and ice cream cones.

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