Wow that was some good fertilizer

Just look at how much the trees have grown

Site 43

Site 43


Ok maybe we had some trees moved in. They started moving some in yesterday and will be continuing today. There will be around 11 or so new trees to help improve the north area of the campground. It definately seems to make the sites look a little less barren, especially along the west side where the other trees hadn’t filled out too much.

In amongst the trees in the picture we have plans to build a camping cabin. We are undecided if we will start this fall or not until the spring, but it will be ready for next season anyway. It will be a rustic one room cabin with a front deck area. Inside will be a double bed, bunk beds, table and most likely a bar fridge. There will be electricity but not running water (there will be a tap outside). Outside there will be a firepit and picnic table the same as any other campsite. These type of cabins are popular at the KOA’s in the US and I am thinking that it should be popular here. If they go over well we will look at putting more into our next phase.

Tonight we will be going to the Interlake Tourism Association’s celebration of stars evening. Fortunately it is in Teulon this year since in the past we have had to go to Fisher Branch and Riverton to attend a couple events. The evening is an awards dinner and we are nominated for some type of award. We will find out which one later tonight I guess.

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