Day 1 and the forecast was right.

They were calling for sunny and 20 C and well lookie here it actually happened. They haven’t changed the forecast since yesterday and are still calling for this to continue all week, even into the weekend. Look here to see There were many naysayers yesterday when I told them it was going to be sunny and warm all week. I don’t know why they would doubt the weather forecasters. They have been sooooo right all summer (note my sarcasm).

We have decided to keep the pool open at least another week longer. As long as the weather holds out and there are people to swim we will keep it open. Hopefully that is at least another two weeks.

We added another 2 pay as you goers this weekend bringing us up to 5 campers. Our offseason rates officially begin today, but don’t bother going to our website to check it out because it is down today. It has actually been down since last night and I can’t get ahold of the guy that does our hosting. Needless to say I am a little ticked off (and shopping for a new web host as we speak). Back to the weekend our last ice cream social was quite popular considering it was fairly cool out. My rough count gives me about 30 people.

 The last of the new trees were moved on Friday evening. We were told that it even smells different in the area now. I didn’t notice personally but I would imagine it would with all those extra pine trees.

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