I know that I haven’t been very diligent about posting this week. It has been a week of catch up for me. The girls and I had managed to get away and go camping for a couple days before the long weekend. By the time we got back on Wed afternoon it was all of a sudden the long weekend and I still had a bunch of stuff to catch up on. Throw in all the back to school stuff and I can’t believe it is already another weekend. 

It has been rather quiet camper wise this week. We had one lady in the tenting here until Thu and another camper came in on Wed for a week or so. We still have our regular campers staying here, but everyone has been laying pretty low. I have seen a couple out and about but not too much action.  We do have a few sites coming for this weekend. With the weather being so unpredictable I didn’t expect too much.

There is a rabbit show in Warren this weekend and all of our rooms booked by people and judges coming to that. I personally have never been to a rabbit show, but apparently it is quite a big event.

Saturday we will be running bingo in the afternoon again. I have been doing some more research on different patterns and getting a few more tips and tricks.  Of course the research also includes wasting time playing online bingo. After bingo will be our seasonal appreciation supper.

Speaking of seasonals we sold another site last night. Another easy sell for me since they came out last weekend and stayed with friends and decided that they wanted to get their own site. All I had to do was answer the phone. Gotta like that.

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