All in all it was a very busy last big weekend of the season. The pig roast was a huge success with approx 125 adults and 25 kids. Saturday night ended up being a karaoke night. One of the campers has his own system and offered to set it up and run it. Sunday afternoon the rec building was full of Bomber fans and I think I even saw a rider fan. I had to correct a huge oversight on my part as I had originally scheduled Bingo at 4pm, then was reminded that the game was on. So Bingo was changed to 6pm instead. We had about 10 people or so come out for that. Just a nice number for us to learn what we were doing. I learned a couple things and will be more organized for next weekend. One of our seasonals cleaned up by winning all but one game. Of course we had to point out that she had 3 times as many cards as anyone else. Their luck spilled over to the BBQ draw as their site was the lucky winner. (The dog actually won).

No surprise that on a cold, rainy Monday everyone cleared out pretty early. As they were all heading out however we had 3 pay as you go campers pull in. We even have one pay as you go tenter.

I set up a new calendar on the events page of our website. Hopefully this will be a little easier to read than how it was before.

Hard to believe that school starts tomorrow. It seems like the summer weather just started then it was done already. With any luck this yucky weather will just be a blip and there will be more summer to come.

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