One more long weekend

It has been a very quiet week leading up to another busy long weekend. Things are starting to pick up today with a few sites coming in for an extra long weekend. Hopefully Mr Weatherman has got all the rain and cool weather out of his system. Today has certainly turned out to be a nice afternoon. Except for a couple tenting sites we are full for this weekend. There has been the usual cancellations and rebooks, but fortunately I have been able to get rid of all the sites that have come up. We have one last family reunion here this weekend as well. Saturday evening will be the usual Sept long pig roast and Sunday will be our first try at Bingo. The bingo will be a bit of trial and error at first to figure out how much to charge, how much the payout will be and how many games to play. I kind of have some ideas in my head, but I will see how they work out on Sunday. The BBQ draw will also be on Sunday. Hopefully it will be like last year and most of the tickets will be sold this weekend because right now there haven’t been very many sold.

Those of you on my e-newsletter list should have gotten the Sept/Oct newsletter this week. The most important part is the pool will be open until mid September, and the hot tub will stay open until we close the campground on Oct 15. I will be trying to do something every weekend – bingo, movie night, maybe rock band, karaoke.

I heard some good reports on the fishing this week, apparently they were biting pretty good.  Guess they like the rain.

This morning at 8:00am we had a spray plane flying overhead. For those of us that were up already it was kind of neat to see because they are so low. For those that were still sleeping it was not so good.

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