I think that pretty much sums up the weather right now. I don’t think that it stopped raining last night (thu) and things are very black right now. At least it did cooperate for the fun day of swimming lessons. We gave the kids the choice if they wanted to go in the pool or not. The first two groups didn’t go in, but the last few did. The kids weren’t complaining about being cold so it must have been ok.  Of course they were back and forth between the pool and hot tub which helped.

I have had one site change their reservation from Fri to Sat and have had 6 sites cancel altogether. One site is deciding if he will stay tonight or not.

Here comes the rain and there goes the swimmers.

It is now Saturday morning and still rainy and cold. Craft time is supposed to start in about 15 minutes and I have a feeling there will only be my regular two crafters here. Ironically we are making sun visors, or maybe we will call them rain visors. The guys are just opening the pool right now, but noone is racing to jump in that is for sure. They are still calling for sunny and 28 by Monday, what a nutty place we live in.

I had some people come and put a deposit on one of the sites that we are converting from overnight to seasonal. I still have one more open right now and then there will be one open later. We are planning on moving in some larger spruce trees along the NorthEast corner. We don’t want to sell that site until the landcaping is done. The company that is moving them in gave us an estimate of late August or September, so it should be happening anytime.

There is one group that will like the wet conditions created by the rain. Today is the quad club members ride and BBQ. There should be lots of mud for them to play in today. I hope they enjoy it because I am not.

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