Around the area this weekend

This will be a busy weekend around the Arena in Warren as their first summer bonspiel starts. Check out their website for full info on all activities going on. There are even a few pictures of the ice on the site already. I was having a look at the draws on the site and did recognize one name as being on my reservation list for this weekend.

The South Interlake ATV Club will be having a club event this Saturday. It will take place in the afternoon at the Pioneer Cabin site just north of here. Full details are at

Here at the duck will be Movie Night (Superhero movie) Sat evening and craft time in the morning.

Just heard the weather and it is supposed to be hot and windy 40k gusting to 60 and tomorrow is going to be even windier. I little breeze makes the heat a little more bearable, but that is a little much. Oh well at least it is warm.

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