Unwelcome visitors

We had a few uninvited ‘guests’ here early Sunday morning. The majority of the campground was woken up at approx 4am by a couple quads tearing around the campground. A couple of our campers were out and chased them away the first time. Then, they decided to come back again. Dennis was out in our vehicle and drove around and into town where he found the muddy tire tracks leading right to a house on the edge of town by the high school. It was quite obvious which house these kids/young adults had come from. The RCMP were called when they first were seen in the campground. We now called them back and let them know that Dennis was there and had found them. Two more calls later to the RCMP, they showed up and basically said there was nothing they could do because they did not see them on the quads. Not only had these ‘kids’ (we believe they are actually in their 20’s) tore around the campground they headed back to town through two farmer’s crops, another house and the putting green at the Golf Course.  So, these people did all this damage and caused this havoc and are getting off with no consequences. Needless to say there were a lot of frustrated people around here yesterday. The kind of ironic thing is that Dennis is the chairperson of the South Interlake ATV Club and we are trying to promote responsible quadding. It is a long, uphill battle when we have to deal with stuff like this. It will definately be a topic at the quad meeting tomorrow. I don’t want to publish on here who the persons responsible were, but if you ask us or some of our campers we will gladly tell you in private.

On a much better note our ice cream social turned out amazing on Sat afternoon. I didn’t get an actual count but we went through over two gallons of ice cream and the rec building was full. I was a little nervous about the turnout, since there was no one around just before. Everyone was apparently hiding in the shade and air conditioning until it was time for ice cream. It is nice to see that summer weather is finally here. The 30 degree temps are supposed to continue all week.

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