After a bad start the weather has decided to cooperate for this session of swimming lessons. It is trying to cloud over right now, but at least it is warm out. This rain can stop anytime however. We got another dump last night that probably put us over the 2″ mark. Things are starting to get a little soggy around here.

This is a busy weekend around the area with the Wish Ride at Woodlands and Quarry Days in Stonewall. I know we have a few baseball players staying here and playing in Stonewall. Around here we have our regular monthly ice cream social on Saturday afternoon. We went to Stonewall this morning and they are getting the Midway all set up and ready for the weekend.

I am down to only two electrical and water sites open for this weekend. We have another family reunion this weekend. Some of the group has already arrived with the rest coming tomorrow. There is yet another storm rumbling in the sky again as I sit her. It is mighty, mighty black out there.

Well it is now Friday morning. The storm I mentioned was a doozy. We got hammered with rain and wind. There was an inch and 2/10 yesterday and overnight Wed. Earlier in the week we had gotten 4/10 and 1 6/10. Needless to say we are a little soggy around here now. Things have definately dried considerably since yesterday evening, but there are still some bad spots. My last two sites are no longer available as they are a little too wet to put someone in.  I don’t know how the tenters are holding out. This has got to have been a frustrating week. They would just get things dried out and then we get dumped on again. On the upside it is going to be sunny and hot for the next few days. Finally summer.

I just got finished updating some new fall specials for this year. We still have the pay as you go camping and I added an extended monthly rate where basically you get one bonus week free.  Also put on a free pay per view movie for the rooms in Nov and Dec. I already have a couple families taking advantage of the pay as you go camping this fall.

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