October already??

Did I fall asleep and wake up in October because it certainly seems like it outside. Yesterday afternoon we were checking the weather and it was going to be sunny and 17 today. So how come this morning it was only going to be 13 with showers?? Why do I even bother looking at the weather forecast.

This past weekend the weather was definately not very cooperative for camping. Of course it didn’t stop the kids from making good use of the pool. They didn’t seem to care if it was a little cool and rainy. We didn’t much for overnight campers – only about 3 sites. We still have our 4 pay as you go campers and a few seasonals were out so at least there were bodies around. Our seasonal appreciation went pretty good. We had tons of food as per usual – fish, french fries, pork on a bun, hot dogs, garden fresh tomatoes and dessert. We opened up the supper to non seasonal campers and so ended up with just over 30 people (and luckily not a whole lot of leftovers).  The rain showed up just as we were finishing so, we had to move the food tables inside for the last half hour or so.

We also had a good turnout for Bingo in the evening. What else can you do on a rainy cool evening but play a little ducky bingo?? We learned that apparently truckers are easily confused by bingo. But the kids enjoyed themselves and got right into things. The wins were split up pretty good amongst everyone this time. The slushee coupons were flying around on Sunday morning.

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