Let the fishing begin

I sold my first fishing license yesterday. I am not sure how his luck turned out. He was out for a while in the early evening and had a couple bites. He was back out around feeding time and I am not sure how things turned out. It’s funny to watch the little guys when they are feeding because they move so fast and zip up grab the food and take off. Some of the will go so far as to do backflips even. The bigger guys move a little slower.

We had some hoodlums here the other day. They tore 4 holes in the mesh on the last mini golf hole and helped themselves to all the balls. We know who it was, but of course can’t prove it, unless we call in Grissom to do some CSI.

It sure sucked to be in a tent last night. That was a nasty storm that went through. I am not sure yet how everyone faired, but I am sure they must be a little damp and tired from being awake.

We were part of promotion through Interlake tourism earlier this summer. It was a radio contest on groove fm where they had to phone in at a certain time or something like that. The winner will be coming here on Saturday. They are coming to Warren on the Prairie Dog Vintage Locomotive, going to spend the afternoon and evening at the Pioneer Quest cabins, spending the night here and then going back on the train Sunday. Hopefully the weather straightens out for them. Today is sure starting out to be a dark and dreary day.

Our resident scavenger (Metro for those that know) found me a bingo machine recently. I put the word out to him earlier this year that I would like to start doing the odd bingo night and somehow in his Metro way he managed to find a machine. I believe the polite term is vintage, or we can call it an old relic. But, it is still in good condition and it works. Now I just need to find some balls. We found some at a store in Winnipeg, but they were verrrrry high priced – twice as much as the machine itself. I am sure that I can find a better price.

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